About Us
About Crypto ETFx

Crypto ETFx consolidates information related to cryptocurrency investments and ETFs. Our goal is to provide enough information to help you take decisions.

The Cryptocurrency market is risky and extremely volatile. You must be ready to see impactful drops on your portfolio. On the other hands, the potential for growth is strong. Cryptocurrency is ew technology in constant evolution. Nevertheless, it has a huge potential to change our way of trading and living.

Disclaimer: we provide information and not recommendation. The final decision is yours.

The Inception

Many years ago the lack of knowledge made the founder of CryptoETFx endure an important loss in his portfolio. Following hype and "hints" from forums proved to be the wrong strategy to create a healthy portfolio.

After completing many trading courses (Technical Analysis), an MBA, and a Computer Science degree, it became easier to understand the market and its technology.

The analysis and study of portfolio strategies are necessary in order to be prepared for the future. Technology is constantly changing and must be understood in order to be incorporated in your strategy. With that in mind, CryptoETX was born.